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South Africa
Eastern Cape
Eastern Cape Holiday Accommodation The Eastern Cape is strikingly varied in it\'s scenic beauty. It\'s landscape ranges from pristine forest to arid desert, from looming sandstone cliffs to unspoilt emerald green coastline. The national parks and game reserves are home to a wealth of wildlife including the rare mountain zebra. Over 200 elephants inhabit the Addo Elephant Park and most unusual, are the signs erected in the park entreating visitors to yield to the flightless dung beetle found almost exclusively in Addo. In addition, the black rhino, buffalo, eland and warthog have been reintroduced to the park.

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Free State
Free State Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\\\\\\\'S FREE STATE The agricultural heart of South Africa, this vast grassy plain is where more than 70% of South Africa\\\\\\\'s grain consumption is produced. The Free State is also rich in mineral wealth, gold representing 20% of the worlds total gold production. Impressive game reserves exist such as the Willem Pretorius. The grassy plains in the south of the reserve provides ideal conditions for large herds of plain game such as black wildebeest and springbok. The ridges, koppies and plains typical of the northern section are home to kudu, red hartebeest, white rhino and buffalo.

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Gauteng Holiday Accommodation Gauteng is without a doubt the \'nerve-centre\' of South Africa\'s industrial, commercial and financial institutes, generating some 40% of the country\'s wealth. The smallest of the nine provinces, Gauteng is the seat of government and administration and houses over 100 embassies and high commission. Although success can be accredited to the discovery of gold over a century ago, access to a wide variety of energy sources and raw materials secured it\'s future growth and development. Accounting for only 1.5% of the land, Gauteng is the most densely populated province in South Africa. It is represented by every nationality, each adding their own ethnic and cultural identity, making Gauteng a kaleidoscope of modern Africa.

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KwaZulu-Natal Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\'S KWAZULU NATAL One of the more popular holiday destinations in South Africa is KwaZulu Natal offering a wide variety of tourist opportunities. The dramatic Drakensberg mountain range, where visitors can enjoy some of the most spectacular scenic views, offer some challenging hikes to even the most experienced mountain climbers. In addition, the sub-tropical coastline, lapped by the warm Indian Ocean is a paradise for sunbathers, scuba divers and anglers alike. It is here in KwaZulu Natal where many historic battles took place and where you will still find a thriving Zulu culture with it\'s traditions still in practice today. The province\'s climate offers ideal conditions for wildlife to flourish and it is home to many nature reserves, game parks and some of the oldest conservation areas in Africa.

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Limpopo Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\'S LIMPOPO PROVINCE Known as The Great North, the Limpopo Province is the gateway to sub-Saharan Africa, bordering three African countries, namely Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It is a diverse landscape of bushveld, savanna, semi-desert, and subtropical vegetation. The Limpopo Province has many attractions including historical sites such as the relics of the Stone Age San, and abundant nature reserves. The northern section of the Kruger National Park forms the provinces eastern boarder and boasts the \'Big Five\', crocodile, hippo and many antelope species. Found mainly north of the Soutpansberg Range and a distinctive feature of the province is the baobab tree of which some are thought to be over 3000 years old.

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Mpumalanga Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\'S MPUMALANGA The place where the sun risesMpumalanga, meaning \"place of the rising sun\" is South Africa\'s top tourist destination. Mpumalanga is situated on the north east border of South Africa bounded by Swaziland and Mozambique. The Mpumalanga province is made up of two distinctly contrasting types of scenery which are: the dramatic topography of escarpment and the bush of the lowveld. Passports are required for all cross-border travel, and Visa requirements vary. Mpumalanga is well known for it\'s wildlife parks.

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North West
North West Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\\\\\\\'S NORTH WEST PROVINCE Although primarily a farming region, producing sunflower and much of South Africa\\\\\\\'s maize, the North-West province is rich in mineral wealth such as gold and platinum. As a holiday choice, the North-West is not without attractions. A number of excellent game reserves have been established including the Pilanesberg National Park, known as \\\\\\\"The Jewel of the North-West\\\\\\\". This game reserve is set in a crater on an extinct volcano and is home to the \\\\\\\"Big Five\\\\\\\". Adjacent to the Pilanesberg National Park lies the famous Sun City leisure resort and The Palace of the Lost City, offering a host of activities including world-class golfing, gambling, interactive video and fun-fair games, traditional-themed extravaganzas, a man-made valley of waves - complete with beach, cinemas and restaurants to name a few.

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Northern Cape
Northern Cape Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\'S NORTHERN CAPE The Northern Cape province, a seemingly vast barren landscape, is perhaps one of the least explored regions of South Africa and remains, for the serious adventurer, an everlasting challenge. This landscape is periodically plagued by drought and scorching sunshine yet it has been astonishingly blessed with some of the most dramatic displays of natural beauty. Nowhere is this more visible than in Namaqualand, one of the six floral kingdoms of the world. In spring, the plains burst into flower creating a breathtaking carpet of brilliant colour. The discovery of an 83-carat \'Star of South Africa\' marked the beginning of the world\'s greatest diamond rush and in Kimberley, resulted in what was to become known as the \'Big Hole\', the largest hand-dug excavation in the world.

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Western Cape
Western Cape Holiday Accommodation WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA\'S WESTERN CAPE Where the two oceans meet... The Western Cape is a place of exceptional beauty with few areas in the world to rival it. Bestowed with two of Africa\'s most dramatic landmarks, Table Mountain and Cape Point, the Western Cape is a floral paradise of rich fertile winelands, secluded bays, fine white sandy beaches and lush green coastal forests. Hugging the shores are picturesque villages overlooking some of the country\'s finest beaches. In striking contrast to this, separated by the Langeberg range, is the seemingly endless landscape of the semi-arid Karoo.

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Botswana Holiday Accommodation The Republic of Botswana became independent on 30th September 1966, and is a multi-party democracy. Botswana has an Executive President which is president for five years, the current president is His Excellency Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Botswana is landlocked and has a surface area of 581,760 square kilometers, its bordering neighbours are South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, most of Botswana is covered by The Kalahari Desert and most of the population is located in the east and southeast of Botswana.

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Lesotho Holiday Accommodation Lesotho (Kingdom of Lesotho) History The name Lesotho roughly means, \"the land of the people who speak Sesotho\". Lesotho is landlocked and is completely contained within South Africa. Over the years it has been nicknamed, \"Kingdom in the Sky\". Lesotho was largely populated by the Khoisan hunters who were under the rule of King Moshoeshoe 1. King Moshoeshoe 1 and his tribe settled at the Butha-Buthe Mountain and joined a resistance against the reign of Shaka Zulu from 1818.

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Mozambique Holiday Accommodation Mozambique is a country of nearly 20 million inhabitants and is situated on the eastern coast of Africa directly opposite the Indian Ocean island state of Madagascar. Mozambique is bordered by Tanzania in the north, and going anticlockwise by Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland. The country has an extremely long coastline of warm tropical water, and with a reef stretching along the entire coast is a mecca for scuba divers. Two important rivers flow through Mozambique, the Limpopo and the Zambesi, upon which is the vast Caborra Bassa dam and hydroelectric scheme. In the north of the country there are several hundred miles of coast on Lake Malawi.

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Namibia Holiday Accommodation Discovery and experience are the two most important words when it comes to describing Namibia. When you look past the immense arid open spaces you will discover Namibia as it unfolds a wealth of geological and cultural history, an unexpected diversity of plants and wildlife, a rough and pristine coastline and an untouched wilderness. It\'s a place where you can climb the highest sand dunes in the world. Descend to the floor of the deepest canyon in Africa. Watch wildlife as they roam on one of the most spectacular pans on earth.

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Swaziland Holiday Accommodation Swaziland is Africa\'s smallest country. The country is a kingdom and is landlocked, being surrounded on three sides by the Republic of South Africa and along its eastern edge by Mozambique. The country gets its name from the Swazi tribe, a Bantu people. Swaziland has the dubious fame of having the world\'s highest HIV infection rate, sitting at over 42% of its population. Because of this the present low life expectancy of 32 years is expected to drop to 29 years by the year 2010.

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Zimbabwe Holiday Accommodation Victoria Falls is a magical place of magnificent beauty. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in the southern part of the continent of Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest, and Mozambique to the east. Zimbabwe\'s climate is largely tropical, but this is moderated by altitude. It has a short rainy season which lasts about four months between November and March.

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